Is there a way to poll the blender download website to return the current release candidates paths for blender.

At the time of this writing there is a release for both 2.79 and 2.80 so i would like a way to, from command line, find out that the downloads currently available are:

https://builder.blender.org/download/blender-2.79-e6acb4fba094-linux-glibc224-x86_64.tar.bz2 https://builder.blender.org/download/blender-2.80-430cf7e15eef-linux-glibc224-x86_64.tar.bz2

without having to scrape the download html page to extract the full names


Using akira's idea, you could use wget --spider to search the web page for links without downloading them. Then you could use something like awk or python to filter the output for the desired urls:

% wget -r -np --spider https://builder.blender.org/download/ 2>&1 | python -c "import sys; print(''.join([line.rsplit(' ', 1)[-1] for line in sys.stdin if all(term in line for term in ['http','linux'])]))"
  • $\begingroup$ That's a bit webscrapy, I was hoping there was a more elegant way. but i think/fear this is the way to go $\endgroup$ Jan 7 '19 at 22:57

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