When I run my game, the objects shrink the more I click on them.

What's supposed to happen in the game: TLDR: Empty adds Object A1. When you click a sensor, A2 (a longer looking A1) takes it's place. When you click A6 you get A1 and the cycle repeats. In my game, when you click a cylinder (actually when you click a sensor cube, but it won't look like that to the player.) that cylinder is "ended" and another longer one appears (from another layer, I'm using an empty) in the same spot. When you click the longest one, you get the smallest cylinder and the cycle repeats itself.

That does happen, but with each cycle, all of those A1-A6 cylinders shrink a little more. How do I get them to just keep their original size?

Also, I'd rather use logic blocks because I'm not too familiar with Python, but if that's what it takes and you have clear instructions and copyable code, I'll take it.

I have no idea why this is happening. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for reading!


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