How to make transparent background in blender 2.8 with HDRI on? After selecting "Film" - "Alpha" -> "Transparent" I still have my HDRI on the rendered image

Please help


I'm not sure if you try to render a final output (F12) but it is working, inside the viewport is not. But in the final render it is

enter image description here

Good Luck

  • $\begingroup$ You're right! But is it possible to disable this image in preview? I have very bright HDRI in my scene (and i need taht bright) and it's very annoying to see something different than in final render $\endgroup$ – user53826 Jan 7 at 16:32
  • $\begingroup$ Not that i know, sorry, you could try to bake the indirect Light (Render Settings>>Indirect Light>>Bake indirect Lighting. $\endgroup$ – Emir Jan 7 at 22:28

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