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I'm creating some clothing for my game for my NPCs. When working inside blender everything is perfect and shows no character mesh showing through until I get into Unity and start animating the NPC. I've taken the time to simply move some of the verts generally in that area away from the characters mesh but depending upon what animation im currently testing on the NPC, it creates different holes in the mesh where the characters mesh is popping through. I've already got an extensive amount of clothing created and rigged to NPCs. Neededless to say I'd hate to have to go back and redo them all. I'm wondering if theres a way of simply moving all of the clothing mesh away from the character mesh equally to achieve the shirt techncially being bigger allowing for more room for the character mesh to not pop through when the NPC is animating inside of Unity. Or if anybody has any other forms of suggestion on how I could achieve my clothing to be rigged better to my character maybe? The way I'm currently rigging my characters clothing is by using Data Transfer Modifiers and I've attatched a picture to show my settings.


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