I'm trying to create my own models for a simple unity game I'm making. I'm currently using a low poly asset pack from the unity store for the majority of my models. However I want to create my own ones with blender. I'm trying to use the existing material that came with my unity asset for the models I'm creating with blender.

I'm doing this to keep my draw calls low, but I don't know whether this is possible.

My current method is that I'm making a low poly asset inside blender. I'm then adding a material and opening up the texture from the asset store. I'm then UV unwrapping the model and assigning the UV's to match where I want them to line up on the texture.

When I export this model though, there's a new material attached as part of the FBX model. I don't want this to happen. All I want is the model and for it to have the UV's so I can attach the existing material I have in my asset folder. Is there any way around this?



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