displacement baking include base mesh How can i get ride of all those quads so only the white mark shows up?

Step to reproduce

  1. Create sphere as base
  2. Duplicate base as hd and add x3 subdivision modifier then apply
  3. Sculpt some details on hd mesh
  4. Unwrap base and create a 32*1024*1024 texture with all faces selected
  5. Set up the bake (normalize simply help to see through) as below

baking settings for displacement map


Answer from @Secrop on blenderartist.org:

Add a subdivision modifier to the low poly object before baking.

The thing here is that each poly in the lowres object is flat, but the surface from > the highres is curved… This makes the displacement value at the center of those polys to be greater than their corners. If your lowres is later to be subdivided with ‘Simple’ method, this bake will be correct. On the other hand, if you use ‘Catmull-Clark’, then you need to use this subdivision at the baking phase also.

Result: Blender displacement map fixed with subdivision

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