I am trying to convert my workflow over to Cycles/EEVEE since the Blender Renderer will no longer be available. A fair bit of my product is drawing lines or paths in the scene (such as below which depicts scattering off surfaces of the cube). With the Blender Renderer I could create a mesh with no faces (only edges), and attach a Wire shader that was set Shadeless. This worked perfectly. Blender with shadeless wire material

Alas, I can't seem to find a way to do this in Cycles/EEVEE. Everything I have read talks about:

  1. Use the wireframe node. This only works if you are drawing borders on polygons, which I don't have.
  2. Turn the wires into actual polygons. Somewhat awkward as needed polygon width is dependent on distance to camera.
  3. Use curves with a Bevel Depth (Really just #2 above).

Is there some way to get this effect in Cycles/EEVEE? I have been putting off moving to Cycles because of this, and now Blender Renderer is disappearing.


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