I have a footage shot with a static camera (4K with a Pixel 2 XL front camera in case it is needed) on a tripod. I'd like to add a moving cube on fire to the scene.

As far as I understand (I'm completely new to compositing and VFX), I cannot rely on camera solving because the camera is static.

I read that the BLAM addon was the way to go. It was recently replaced by the more powerful fspy.

After extracting the first frame of my footage, I opened it with fspy and solved the perpective:

fspy screenshot

fspy can export to blender with the fspy addon. This is the blender 2.8 screenshot:

blender screenshot

The image appears in the 3D view thanks to the Background images of the camera object data. Please note that it does not appear in the render.

I animated the cube and set a quick smoke simulation.

Now, how do I render the whole movie in eevee? in cycles?

Here is my blend file:



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