I am currently making a classifier for 3-D objects that uses vertex data as input, and I am using Blender to create a dataset of 3D objects. For the classifier, I need all the objects to have equal amounts of vertices. Hence I want to know if Blender has a tool for remeshing any object such that it has a specific number of vertices?


Soooorrrttt oooff. It will require some math on your part. And it only works one direction (down, removing verts).

You can tweak the Decimate modifier to collapse to a ratio of vertices kept. If you know the number of vertices you want and the number you have is look-up-able, then you can directly calculate the ratio:

for target vertex count $t$, vertex count $v$, and ratio $r$ , it is simply $t/v=r$ .

Remember, Blender can remove vertexes all day, but it can't add any.

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