Extreme blender newbie here..

Is it possible to import an object in .stl format and add a texture to it?

I seem to be able to do it fine with any object I create inside blender, but when I import an .stl it will not give me the option to do so.

Could anyone please tell me the steps?



An image or procedural texture is used by a material to control the color over the surface of the object.

Using blender render, a texture can only be added if a material has been assigned to the object. Also note that the texture panel has sub-sections, you will want the material textures option to be selected. After importing an .stl file, there may be no material, so first create the material and then add a texture.

enter image description here

Also there are differences based on the render engine chosen, cycles uses a nodes based system that allows textures to be incorporated at different stages of the material.

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