I'm missing my favorite matcap from Blender 2.79 in 2.80, this one on the left, indicated with a blue border:

Blender 2.79 matcaps

Is there a way to extract matcaps from 2.79 and import them into 2.80? Or maybe there is a repository of old matcaps as images, somewhere in the Blender git?


OP's comment here reminded me that you could probably check the v2.79 tag (i.e. release) to find these files.

Here they are on the official repository:


Here they are on the GitHub mirror:


The one you're looking for looks like Matcap 9:

enter image description here

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    $\begingroup$ Good call! I've mentioned your suggestions too now $\endgroup$
    – Nicola Sap
    Dec 29 '18 at 20:47
  • $\begingroup$ Good idea, mine was slightly less convenient - download the whole archive and extract those files, eg. from there download.blender.org/source/blender-2.79b.tar.gz $\endgroup$
    – jubi
    Dec 31 '18 at 13:38

If I remember correctly, matcaps in 2.79 weren't exr, which should mean that they were basically defined by their own preview image.

So what I'd do is:

  • take a screenshot of B2.79 (as you have already done)
  • cut just the matcap:

    enter image description here

    (( or better: use the actual 2.79 jpegs as Moira suggests! ))

  • save it (e.g. with GIMP) as an .exr

  • place it in the Blender folder, under 2.80/datafiles/studiolights/matcaps

  • voila

    enter image description here

  • $\begingroup$ Thanks, I got another idea after some searching on blender git, the main problem was the "master" is now a 2.8 so I couldn't find those files there, but I found them elsewhere, maybe I will publish that as another answer later. $\endgroup$
    – jubi
    Dec 29 '18 at 20:11

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