I've been having difficulty with blender lately, the issues are it is for some reason far laggier than it should be (gives frequent "not responding" messages), and the other issue is sometimes when i select a mesh, blender acts as if its not selected but i cant deselect it either more details to follow below.

The Lag issue- on my old windows 7 pc (about 10 years old) blender was laggy and had the occasional not responding message, but a few months ago i tested blender (and some of the more intensive files i have) on this windows 10 computer and it ran smoothy and worked better than ever, but now for some reason its more laggy than even the old computer was but there shouldnt be a reason for this, the only changes are the addons which are the same as those i had on the old pc, aside from the addons, the only other thing i can think that might be effecting it would be the fact i have to have multiple versions of the microsoft c++ files (the .dll files) apparently many programs use it but they have to have a specific year such as 2010, 2015, 2013 etc so i have to have all of them on the pc, so perhaps thats the reason for the lagginess?

the mesh glitch- this happened the other day while i was trying to model a belt, i selected a mesh and had been working on it for a while, switching between object and edit modes in cycles, and all of a sudden i couldn't get the mesh to select properly, it had the orange outline as if it were a secondary selection, but it was the only object, i also couldn't use the A (select all/deselect all) key to do anything to it, the mouse couldn't affect it, I couldn't even zoom out or pan around it as it was just frozen in a weird way where any view changes were awkward, this issue is a rare one ive only had one other time but its a big pain when it happens.


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