Forgive me if this is a duplicate question, although I searched quite a bit and I think I need clarification.

I have a model of a hoodie I made to export with MakeClothes (part of the MakeHuman stack). I have 3 UV maps; the first is a map over a texture and is scaled 5x larger. The second is a map to place a logo on the center of the chest. The third is an alpha map I painted on to the model to show some wear and tear. All three maps cover all the vertices of the model and are scaled differently.

So the problem is that MakeClothes only works with one UV map, so I need to somehow reduce the various maps to one. The information I've seen (such as this video or this SE question) all seem to refer to non-overlapping UV maps. But in my case, there aren't unique vertices in each map. This leads me to think that maybe I did my UV mapping wrong.

So my question is two part. Am I handling the various uv mapping requirements of my model correctly and if not, what is the correct way to do this? And if it is, which technique should I be using for reducing the maps to a single, unique UV map?

edit: I'm using 2.79

Edit 2: Here is the blender file:

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