HBCC caught in the act

Hello guys! Been experimenting with Vega GPUs and the HBCC option recently and although I didn't have scenes big enough to top 8GB of memory I finally found a way how to do it; just opened 2 of them simultaneously in "rendered" viewport mode. I allocated a total of 16GB in the driver settings and as you can see, usage goes around 9GB in this case when normally it wouldn't let you use more than 6.5-7 GB. Although some blender panels became unresponsive sometimes and it was even worse (freezes) if you had a display attached to the rendering GPU,...but IT WORKS :D It is always great to get something for free, especially free GPU RAM, so the question is; are there plans to make HBCC support more stable in the future? ...is it even a Blender thing or is it a matter of driver refinement?


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