I am creating a photo realistic leather club chair. I've finished the blockout and im now moving on into creating the high poly. I plan on sculpting wrinkles and such on the chair, but i'm unsure as to how i can sculpt these stitches on the chair's cushion. Here is a reference photo:

enter image description here

i'm thinking of using an alpha but can't seem to find an appropriate one. Is their a way i can model this is?


You wouldn't want to sculpt the buttons but instead use a separate object for that. I would probably just create one and the use the array and curve modifier to position them. Repeating objects along a path

  • $\begingroup$ ah i dont want to sculpt the buttons i want to sculpt the zipper looking patern on the chair $\endgroup$ – cgperfect Dec 30 '18 at 19:15

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