Trying to create projection light to put on a scene like this 1
enter image description here
Click to enlarge.

Example of the light I want to create.

enter image description here

How would I do something like this?


I'm sure you used the search function and found how to make a projector spot lamp in cycles.

With this node setup you only need to add a cube with a Volume Scatter to create the volumetric lighting.

enter image description here

  • Use a highly saturated image.
  • Use a high contrast image.
  • If your image is neither, increase saturation and contrast with material nodes.
  • Use a low lamp size (0.0), otherwise your image will be blurry.
  • Use a strong lamp emission intensity (my value: 7000).
  • Use a small density of the volume scatter material.
  • Only encase the necessary areas with the volume scatter node to speed up rendering .

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