I have a basic understanding of blender but don't know the ins and outs at all so I'm definitely a noob. Right now I have a Mobile studio pro connected to a dell xps 15 via usb-c. Whenever I open up blender 2.7 or 2.8 input stops working for the whole screen even the task bar and windows button. Stand alone input and pressure sensitivity works fine on the MSP and on the dell the mouse and touch screen work, but the two together seems to have an issue.

The only help I could find is turning on the 3 button mouse in up but that did nothing.

I have installed and reinstalled every possible driver combination as well as different versions of blender. The problem I don't know if this is a windows 10 problem a blender problem a dell problem or a wacom problem.

Dell xps 15 9550 intel i7-6700HQ cpu@2.60hz Geforce GTX 960M

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks


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