I'm having a problem while rendering in eevee where most of my frames show up one right after the other with no sampling but then some frames kick up the memory usage and start sampling which causes one of my animated materials to break for that frame.

Frame 25 Frame 25

leads straight into frame 26 with no problems Frame 26

but then quickly jumps to frame 27 where it starts sampling for the first time in the render or at least slow enough for it to show up, also the memory usage goes from 83 to 125 on these frames Frame 27 while sampling

and then once it's done sampling the frame pops up without my mp4 on my object Frame 27 after sampling

but after it loads it jumps quickly to the next frame where everything is fine again Frame 28

When everything is finished I end up with some frames having a blank display like in frame 27. Any reason only some frames would do this? I've tried playing with the sample size and it seems when I turn it up frames take longer over all but I end up with less of this happening. Any way to slow down the rendering so it doesn't render the frame before the mp4 loads on that frame?


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