I'm very new to Blender, but I'm desperate to figure out how to solve this problem of applying a fancy texture created in Substance Designer to a model that was created in SketchUp, which will ultimately be displayed in SketchFab.

For the background on what I've spent the last 4 days trying to accomplish, read the thread here: https://forums.sketchup.com/t/textures-exporting-sketchup-models-to-substance-painter-uv-mapping-wrapping-unwrapping/83569/13

I need to figure out how to create a UV map for each of my independent groups/objects here so that I can apply textures to them independently in Substance Painter, and ultimately upload them to SketchFab.

enter image description here

If I select all, space bar, smart UV Project (deselect stretch to UV Bounds), and OK and import into Substance Painter I get the following: enter image description here

I think it puts them all into one giant mesh, so it's not possible to apply a texture to any individual component/mesh/group/part of the overall model

enter image description here

When I click Ctrl + J it just tells me that there's no mesh data available.

  • $\begingroup$ I'm sorry if I made the question too complicated. My simplified question is: How do I perform "smart UV project" on multiple objects simultaneously, but independently? $\endgroup$ – TysonGersh Dec 22 '18 at 19:02

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