been working in blender 2.8 Love it a lot, but it comes with a few problems. I tried solving it myself or finding if others have problems with it, but they just seem to gloss over it and or ignore the problem completely.

I am talking about glass and Cube Reflection maps. Whenever I try using the two of them they always end up messed up in one way or another. Firstly whenever I have them with each other in the scene, it looks as though there is a reflection of itself in it as seen here https://vimeo.com/307380916 8 . I would like for it to be semi-transparent with the view outside as seen here https://vimeo.com/307185014 3 , while still having shadows and reflections inside.

All my settings can be found here https://imgur.com/a/t1NVFxK 7 In short I have a Cubemap and Irradiance baked, as well as a glass shader with transparency, and I would just like for the glass to at least work just as shown in the second video. Where it just passes through to the outside without having reflections even slightly.

Would anyone have any tips on getting this to work? Thank you very much for your time.


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