I'm texture painting an axe, and there's a certain part of the axe that I want to select.

I only want to select that

I only want to select that whole black sharp part, but I can't select anything while texture painting. I'm using Blender 2.8.

How can I select while using texture painting?


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I guess you have this issue on Blender 2.8 because you're using the default Left click select keymap?

First things first:

In order to enable the face selection masking, push down that little button in the viewport header:

face mask button's picture

Then, in order to select the faces you want to paint on, use the ⎇ AltLMB LMB. You can also access some selection tools, like Border Select with B, or Circle Select with C.

For more advanced control of selection, you can switch to edit mode, do what you need and switch back to paint mode.


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