I want to make a 3d model of a World of Warcraft moonwell (my aim is something like this though I would settle for something less gorgeous). I'm not entirely new to blender (but definitely not a highly advanced user either), I've followed some great tutorials on character modelling, and I feel quite comfortable with the software. My problem is that I don't know how to tackle this particular project. In the past I have used a drawing of what I wanted and modeled from there using the technique shown in this tutorial. But I'm not sure if that is going to work with this project or if there is a better way to do it. I would appreciate any suggestions or ideas about how to approach this.

Thanks a lot!

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    $\begingroup$ Looks to me as if it's comprised of about 9 different objects (base pedestal, major rock form of terrain, 2x large stones in back ground, 2x small totems, 1 lamp (right totem), 1x large totem, water in pool, waterfall, 3x plants, multiple vine growth (mesh plane with alpha transparency). Just break it down into simpler components and assemble. $\endgroup$ – Ratt Dec 17 '18 at 13:08

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