I'm rendering an animation recorded from multiple points of views and then integrating the result through the compositor.

The current solution is creating multiple scenes, one from each point of view. Details are reported here:

keeping render layers at their original resolution when composed

Is there any way to speed up the process?

Note that I will proceed on batch rendering after initial rendering of few frames and that the scene is built through scripting

Now it is very slow because:

  1. Rendering of the sub scenes is done at the resolution of the final scene and then cropped and scaled down

  2. I don't think it reuses between the scenes any of the computations that are independent from the point of view, maybe baking could help but the animation is not very rich.. I only have textures on an armature.

Current alternative is to render each subimage and store it to disk and recompose in a second phase... I wonder whats the gain of having a compositor then.


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