i have this problem, i type this command


and it start rendering and says loading render kernels (may take a few minutes the first time) then it crashes and the terminal reports this

Device init success
Compiling OpenCL program split
ASSERTION FAILED: (isa<AllocaInst>(ptr) || ptrCandidate.empty()) && "storing/loading pointers only support private array"
  at file /build/beignet-Bevceu/beignet-1.3.2/backend/src/llvm/llvm_gen_backend.cpp, function void gbe::GenWriter::findPointerEscape(llvm::Value*, std::set<llvm::Value*>&, bool, std::vector<llvm::Value*, std::allocator<llvm::Value*> >&), line 1004
Trace/breakpoint trap

please help and thanks in advance.


It doesn't seem to be Blender/Cycles issue as much as Beignet (similar open issue reported 5 month ago).

It can also happen if your GPU is unsupported/blacklisted. There's wiki page to check - if you have AMD card before GCN 2 then it's unsupported. With supported AMD cards there could be problems on older drivers.


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