I'm not able to open Blender 2.80, it tells me that it requires OpenGL 3.3 Core

Unsupported Graphics card message

So i wanted to make sure that the problem is from my GPU and not from blender itself,

so i wrote a simple OpenGL application using OpenGL 3.3 core profile that renders a simple textured cube, and also check my GPU's driver supported OpenGL version

and here is the result

Cube render using OpenGL 3.3

it looks just fine to me.

it's also not just a static render, you can move around that little cube, and OpenGL didn't complain about my GPU not supporting GL 3.3

i'm i missing something here?

is the problem from my GPU, or is it a bug in blender itself (which is likely since it's just a beta release)

and how to fix it (if possible, of course).

Edit: It's working when i run it in 640 x 480 Resolution.


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I managed to resolve this issue by:

1) Updating my driver to the latest available version (i should have done so from the beginning).

2) Downloaded opengl32.dll file from here and copied it to the blender's root directory.

Now Blender 2.8 is working without any issues :)


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