I have a problem with editing custom properties of mesh, which I import from a FBX, which comes from Blender. When I add a custom properties to an object (for example default blender float), then I export the object into FBX and import ti back, I get an error message when I wanna edit, add or remove the property.

The not working FBX object contains this code, which is probably causing the problem...working object looks the same but without this code:

"_RNA_UI", "KString", "", "U", "<bpy id prop: owner=&quot;OBBox001.001&quot;, name=&quot;_RNA_UI&quot;, address=0x000001CB54A9C008>"

enter image description here ...anybody knows what is happening with the FBX and how to fix it?...is it a bug in Blender or I am doing something wrong?

It is the same in 2.79.4 and 2.8 Beta

Thank you guys!!


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