I have copied the 3 meshes on the left (that I created using loopcuts on the "Surface" and placed them onto the right. Now they are lying on the "Surface" at the right end. I would like to simply subtract the 3 copied meshes from the "Surface" they are laying on in order to create 3 holes (doors). How can I do that? As usual, thanks a lot in advance. You are my saviours.enter image description here


You could do it with some cuttings, duplicate and snaps, but maybe the simplest ways is to use the Knife Project tool:

  • Separate your 3 faces with P (Separate) > Selection. Now your 3 faces are a separate object.
  • Select this object, then the main object, and go in Edit mode
  • Switch to Ortho Front View.
  • In the Tools panel, click on the Knife Project button. You've created 3 faces. You can delete the faces in order to create doors.
  • You may want to use the knife with Z (cut through) and C (cut orthogonally) options activated to create additional edge loops.

enter image description here

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