In the transition of 2.79 to 2.8 there are currently still some problems. The main problem I'm having is, now I can't see my wire shapes without manually selecting "show wireframe" on all of my bones. I know this is going to happen so I'd like to automate it. Is there a simple script that can turn wireframe on or off on all selected pose bones?

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You don't need a script, simply hold Alt when clicking the checkbox, it should do the action on the whole selection. Unless this function is broken in your 2.8 build of course x)

  • Holy jeez, you can do that with everything too? That's useful, thanks! – Riverface Dec 6 at 16:18
  • Almost everything, yes ;) Don't forget to vote up if my answer did help you. – L0Lock Dec 7 at 9:11

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