How can I make a ball roll while moving in bpy? A similar function to bge's applyTorque, like this other answer, but using bpy-only.

What I want to do is to use Blender to render some videos non-interactively. They are going to be generated randomly, and I'd like to render several in a batch, thus I'm interested in running it only through scripts and avoid interactive sessions (it would be cumbersome to open Blender every time to render each video).

I'd like to use bge itself, but from what I could grasp from here and other answers, it's not possible to do that non-interactively. Is this correct? I mean, can I do the following command with bge?

blender --background --python videorender.py

So far, I tried to run that, but it fails with an ImportError: No module named 'bge', while it works with bpy scripts. Thus, I was only able to run bpe's applyTorque through Blender's UI.


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