I am trying to insert simple subtitles over the top of a video. I have imported video and can make the subtitles appear by key framing them - turning on and off the visibility of the text in the 'outline' window.

the subtitles are keyframes and I can see it on the timeline. BUT they reappear a few seconds after - for the same length of time as the keyframe - however no keyframe has been added - they do it by themselves.


  • check the graph editor and the dope sheet. If you can not fix it post screen shots of both. You could also try keyframing a different property, opacity for instance. – rob Nov 28 at 10:57
  • OK thanks. I am a beginning so working this all out very slowly. When I click the eye and camera button to enable visibility, at the start of the keyframe, the camera turns off automatically - I then have to click it again to turn it on then insert keyframe, could this be something to do with it? – george Nov 28 at 11:16

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