i just want to do a zoom ,a real zoom , not a FOV adjustement

similar like using your scrollwheel when your are inside of a camera , but with the whole camera , so the border would just adjust depending of the zoom

is it possible to do so inside of blender ?


By default, the scrollwheel tracks the viewpoint, moving it towards or away from the target. If you are in the Camera view, you can either 'Lock Camera to View' in the Properties region > View panel of the 3D view and use the scrollwheel, or select the camera by right-clicking the camera border, and move it with GZZ in any of the secondary Transformation Orientations except 'Gimbal'.

If you want to zoom the camera, you must change the focal length in its Lens panel, found in its Properties > Data tab.


There are three things people may call "zoom" for a CGI camera :

  • Focal length
  • Sensor size
  • Camera position (dolly zoom)

You will find the first two here :

enter image description here


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