"In Premiere you can actually edit in a 1080p timeline and then change the resolution on export to 4K."

Read that, was wondering if I can do it in blender. Atm whenever I change the resolution of the workspace all my edits are not scaled 4x as well, they stay the old size. By edits I mean image overlays, text, stuff not self contained in the original video file.

So atm I'm basically rendering out at a higher format so all items are selfcontained in a video/imageformat and then re-rendering everything at 4k. I want to skip the extra step of needing to render inbetween though.

Like why is the base video/image file stretching when the resolution is changed, but any added overlays are not? And can i apply that stretching to everything. I just want to stretch stuff 4x to make 1080p into 4k


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