How can i make a pattern like this to be repeated an undefined number of times? I've tried to use the array modifier and so far I couldn't figure it out. pattern


Your question is not clear enough, but if you're talking about a 3D object, here is a way to do it (maybe there's a simpler?):

  • Create a 6 vertices circle, subdivide it once, extrude it inwards and merge.
  • Extrude it up on the Z axis.
  • Extrude a 12 vertices cylinder from one of its face.
  • Delete 5/6 of the shape so that you only keep 1/6.
  • Put an empty at the same point as the origin of the object.
  • Use it as the object of an Array modifier / Object Offset mode, Count = 6.
  • Rotate the empty 60° on the Z axis so that the shape make a 360° star shape.
  • Apply the Array modifier. Delete the empty.
  • Repeat the star shape 7 times, use the Snap option / Vertex mode to make the shapes stick to each others.
  • Only keep the centre of this shape, it will be your pattern.
  • Remove any doubles.
  • Give it an Array modifier / Relative Offset mode, on the X axis. Choose the amount of iterations with the Count value.
  • Give it a second Array modifier / Relative Offset mode, on the Y axis.

enter image description here


Model a single hexagon and set array relative X offset to 0.5. Remove objects that cause Z-fighting.


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