After Blender crashes I wont be able to open it back up again unless I do a restart on my computer. Instead this message will pop up. enter image description here

I am using a

  • Windows 10 Lenovo Laptop,
  • 16 gigs of ram,
  • i7 7700 HQ CPU @2.8 GHz,
  • Geforce GTX 1050 Ti Driver version 416.34

EDIT: I've tried using the opengl32.dll file, and I was able to open Blender, however, it also made Blender incredibly slow to the point it was just faster to restart the computer and reopen Blender.

UPDATE I've installed an older driver for my Geforce card (388.59) and Blender is working perfectly again. No crashes, and no having to restart the computer. It's running smooth as butter. Any ideas why the latest drivers would cause such an issue?


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