I'm trying to create a traffic simulation using the blender particle systems with different model of cars. The enviroment consists of a two-lane road. I want the cars crossing the two lanes in opposite directions,so I have created two planes called emitter_close and emitter_far with two different particle systems attached. The plane called emitter_close is able to emit cars in the correct way,the opposite emitter_far does not do that. Infact when I attach a new particle system to the emitter_far which has the same parameters of the emitter_close,this is what happens :

particles are missing

These are the values that I have used for both planes :

  1. Emissions Number = 300
  2. Start / end = 1 - 320
  3. Lifetime = 50
  4. Random = 0
  5. Emit From = Faces
  6. Rotation = yes
  7. Dynamic = yes
  8. Render / Emitter = yes
  9. Render / Group = Group_car_yellow / Group_car_green
  10. Whole Group = yes
  11. Size = 1.860
  12. On the Physics tab is enabled the Force Field type = Curve Guide with minimum distance = 1.000

Below you can see what's the orientation of the emitter_close normals and of the curve on the left road :

normal's orientation emitter_close curve orientation left road

Below you can see what's the orientation of the emitter_far normals and of the curve on the right road :

normal's orientation emitter_far curve orientation right road

you can also see that I created two groups. Inside each group there are the main components of a car,like :

  1. Empty_car_ yellow or green

  2. 4 wheels,parented to the empty_car_yellow,with a driver configured on the X rotation and X location,with :

    • Expr = -var ;
    • object = empty_car_yellow ;
    • type = X location ;
    • space = world
  3. another 4 wheels,parented to the empty_car_green,with a driver configured on the X rotation,with :

    • Expr = -var ;
    • object = empty_car_green ;
    • type = y location ;
    • space = world
  4. the car's body meshes

Each car follow a path,that's represented by the NurbsPath_road_sx and the NurbsPath_road_dx,with the following parameters set :

  • Path animation = yes
  • Follow = yes
  • Frames = 320

Instead,the road on the left is populated correctly with the cars,even if some of them need an obstacle to not get out of the carriageway :

particles are ok

If for the emitter_far I choose the Group_car_yellow instead of the Group_car_green,also the right road is populated correctly with cars :

yellow_cars on the right road are ok

There should be a problem with the settings of the green car. Below you can see how is configured :

1 2 3 4 5 6

but I don't know which. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.


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