I have a project I want to start and I am looking for advice on the best direction to go using Blender. I am pretty new at Blender. Basically I want to create a 3D scanner type thing within Blender. The resolution would be very low so approx 20x20x20 pixels. I want to be able to create objects and animate them moving though my low res stage of 20x20x20 and send out the RGB value of the object at each location as it moves through the pixels. I am wondering if I should do this using the Game Engine and sensors in each of the 20x20x20 pixels that detects the object color when it approaches them. In this case I would have to create a grid of cubes or something with ray sensors looking for nearby objects. I could also use near sensors but all my sensor pixels would need to be rigid bodies. I would do all this in Python. I was also wondering about doing this using drivers? A completely other approach would be to try to send out location values of all vertices on a model as it moves through the space and determine which pixel is nearest to that location? As you can probably tell from this post I am really up in the air as to which is the best way to proceed. Any suggestions towards approaches would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


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