Using blender 2.79 I plan to export to unreal engine 4.21 so my scale is set to metric 0.1 to maintain a good tranisition.

I bring in the human armatrue and of course it is significantly too small. I find most places recommend that I scale the modle first. But at scale I'm using that gives me a REALLY small model.

I have been instead scaling up the meta rig. I set the pivot point to the cursor and place it center scaling from 0,0,0 instead of just center of mass. After I apply rotation and scale I don't seem to have any specific problems, disconnections etc

I have followed what I can find on specific placements. (Slight bend in knees/elbows, be sure leave space in hand bones etc).

If I delete the facial bones and generate I get a warning. I presume this has to do with it not being able find the bones. And it will no longer generate ANY controls. I've tried deleting them on layer three as said in some documents I found online and just going through the tree selecting them and hitting delete.

If I leave them most the controls geberate, proper scale and placement (I could work on my bike roll skills though) BUT

  1. It's a female character and I had planned to use the breast bones with a spring driver for a bit of feminine movement. When they weight, seems no matter what I do those bones pick up part of the arms and rib cage areas. Normally not a problem with a basic armature. But seems if I weight paint at all the entire mesh stops working with the controls just standing there.
  2. Breast control never seems attached and appears inside the mesh. Took me awhile to find it and once I did no matter how I moved it it didn't do anything.
  3. None of the pole controls appear. So when I move the character I will get weird akimbo posses wrist sticking off like they are broke.
  4. The IK works regardless of where the slidder is. When I move those red pieces arms bend knees bend etc. But even when I turn them off as I've seen in videos and such they work. While....
  5. Normal FK bones don't seem connected. Turning it on/off and trying to do something like pose the arm just gives the circles moving around. I can tell it's the arm, it's connected right moves (mostly once again I can be better at roll) correctly. Just seems unlikely attached.

Summary in one question: How do I fix/maintain the controls for the rigify's generated rig. I've looked and I see some problems like this but never a HALF the bones work until you weight paint then it all seems unconnected


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