So I'm fairly new to blender trying to figure how to bake meshes.

I've been following this baking tutorial and the first step is to hit ALT + G with your two meshes selected to overlap them (1:50 in the video).

The problem is my blender refuses to do this correctly, if you watch the video his meshes seem to be overlapped perfectly, whereas I get this result (Image below).

What am I doing wrong? Is it suppose to look like this? I've been trying to find a solution for hours so any help would be appreciated. I've reset the 3D cursor to the center of the grid and the origin to geometry for both objects.

My two meshes after hitting Alt + G


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ALT+G clears location of any mesh. so it brings mesh to origin(0,0,0). similarly Alt+s to clear scale and Alt+R to clear rotation.

The two meshes are different, resulting different center of masses (geometrical origins) one of the meshs center of mass may be higher, so even if you clear location i.e set to origin they are not quite over-lapping.

In order to correct it, select all bottom vertices of anvil ( easy in wire mode ) shft+s-> cursor to selection then tab out to object mode shift+alt+cltr+c change origin to 3d cursor. Do same for two meshes.

Then press Alt+G the should be overlapping. In fact Andrew specifically mentioned these in previous videos.


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