I am guessing this is a basic question, but since I am fairly new to blender, I`d be happy for some help:

How would I go about texturing an abstract shape with a photograph so that from a certain vantage-point the texture reveals the original photograph? The idea comes from Olga Bell`s video ATA

Here are some images: enter image description here enter image description here

I have completed a lesson on color displacement which results in a blend that has the same vantage point effect, but follows different principles.

Thanks for your help!


I think they use this technique a lot:

  • Create your 3D object. I've made a cube to make it simple.
  • Choose the camera view and Unwrap your object with the Project From View option.
  • Now as long as you keep the same view the picture will appear correct, but as soon as your camera will move it will deform. It's a little bit like the Camera Mapping technique except that you don't try to make your 3D object match with the picture.

enter image description here

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