I'm trying to make a very simple video of an image being continuously rotated, but the 2.6 manual on this seems to be outdated. In 2.70 there is no rotation start/end but just a constant angle. Could someone share how this is done in current versions?

not sure if this needs to be clarified but i'm importing the image in VSE as a strip (Shift-A -> Image), not splashing it on a plane and trying to capture that with the camera ... or something else


You add a transform effect strip then keyframe the start and end with rotation changes. Otherwise you can add a couple small rotation keyframes to check speed then add a Cycle modifier to the f-curve of the .blend that extends the animation out past the keyframes. f-curve modifiers 2.6 wiki

Cycles mode - Repeat with Offset : Repeats the curve data, but offsets the value of the first point to the value of the last point each cycle.

  • $\begingroup$ when i try to add a keyframe in any of the predefined Rotation related keying sets i get the error: "No suitable context info for active keying set" I tried defining a new keying set, but the Target ID-Block list doesn't contain strip or sequence as an option. i'm probably missing something basic here. the Cycles modifier suggestion i don't understand so didn't try it. $\endgroup$ – user1015922 Jun 16 '14 at 11:34
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    $\begingroup$ inserting the keyframe is done by right clicking on the rotation field in the transformation strip properties this screencast shows it for scaling. $\endgroup$ – user1015922 Jun 16 '14 at 18:48

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