First of all, I'm new to animations and Blender. Here's my problem: I'm trying to make a new animation for a computer game (Gothic 2, if anyone is familiar with it :P). I want to find an easy way to pin a bone in place while in pose mode. What I want to achieve is the character to make a step forward. So one foot stays exactly in place, the other moves. Now, I've seen lot of tutorials on IK.

The problem is, I can't make changes to the rig because then I get errors in the game. I would have to adjust every single animation in the game to my new rig and that's way too much work I suppose. Also, the original rig is not perfect, I think. Some of the bones don't "stick" to each other, so I can't connect them because it would change what the rig looks like and probably mess the original animations in the game (I could at least use auto IK in that case).

Is there any simple way to make "the foot" (so that't basically 1 bone) to stay in place, while I move the whole rest of the body and the other leg forward? Actually, before I even learnt about IK, I thought there would simply be a button somewhere that says "lock this bone's position" or sth like that and no matter what I do with the rest of the bones, it will never move. But aparently it's not that easy. Even IK seems very unintuitive to me - you have to add 2 different bones (target and pole) for each bone you already have in the rig, it's a lot of work I suppose.

Also, it seems that you cannot add IK constraint, make a pose, save it and then remove the IK, because everything changes then (unless I do sth wrong). That's also very strange to be honest. I think it should work like this, that if u save a frame, it's saved and nothing changes unless you change it manually in THAT frame (well, maybe that's just a beginner's way to look at things ;P). So, if I understand correctly you have to make 2 new bones for every single one u already have if u want to make different animations (because one time u will want a foot to stay in place, next maybe a hand, next sth else - so u need to have IK for almost every single bone in your rig). I don't know, is there really no easier way to just make a bone stay in one place for just one frame?! :D And is there a solution to my problem, so pinning a bone in place without adding new bones to the rig?


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