I have run into an unusual situation as the title of this post implies.

When I cut down my video and audio tracks and reaffirm the 30fps that is the video's recorded rate for some reason the cut audio shoots out to it's previous length assuming there is no other track in that channel to stop it running [under/over?!] other tracks breaking Blender's rule of no overlapping tracks in the same channel. Mind you I just reclick the 30fps and set it to... 30fps! The audio just explodes back out to 4h from just under 2h.

Considering I've been having syncing issues with my most recent video this has me distressed. I see no solution and a 22h rendering time makes experimentation difficult. (see that question here: Blender Video & Audio out of horribly sync and missing my cuts)

Has anyone else had this problem?

What causes it?

How does one solve this?


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