Blender shows the python command in the tooltip, for example, hover the mouse over File > Import > Collada (Default) (.dae), it shows:

Load a Collada file Python: bpy.ops.wm.collada_import()

Then I can find the bpy.ops.wm.collada_import() command in the script console.

I want to set the Import Units to True before I import the collada file, hover the mouse over the ticker it says

Python: WM_OT_collada_import.import_units

But I can't find any clue on how to use this piece of code.


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WM_OT_collada_import is the bl_idname of the Collada Import Operator in the C-code notation (in Python it's wm.collada_import, but the importer is a C operator).

import_units is an operator property.

If you want to set this property to True in an operator call, give it a keyword-argument:

bpy.ops.wm.collada_import(filepath=..., import_units=True)
  • $\begingroup$ I have checked the signature of the python api method bpy.ops.wm.collada_import() but didn't see the import_units=True option. However your solution works like a charm, many thanks to your help! $\endgroup$
    – shone
    Commented Jun 14, 2014 at 15:35

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