I made a ship model and mid-way into the making I said "Hey, that looks a lot like a rowboat". But I'm not sure how to delete the other half of the model that is too big.

Here's an image of the boat: (should be fairly obvious where I want to cut) The boat

EDIT: I tried deleting all the vertices at the bottom, but that just created a large hole in the bottom.


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This is probably not the most efficient way, but it's simple and clean.

  1. I hit z to enter wireframe mode.
  2. Then NumPad_1 to enter front view mode (depending on how your boat is orientated, it could be NumPad 3, side view)
  3. Then b to box select the bottom faces (one row before the vertices you want to keeP)
  4. Then x and Delete Vertices
  5. Making sure I had the vertex select mode on, I clicked one vertex away from the corner, held CTRL and right clicked the point opposite it which was one vertex away from the opposite corner. (Holding control while right-clicking selects the shortest path between selections). I do the same for the other side of the boat.
  6. Then Space and type in Bridge Edge Loops
  7. I hit CTRL + r to enter loop cut mode and hover my cursor over the newly made row of planks and type in the number of loop cuts I want to be made. I made it 2 because I had 2 middle vertices I needed to be joined with something. Then once the pink lines are where you want, hit Enter twice.
  8. Finally, use b to box select, c to circle select, or simply right-click the vertices left and hit f to join them into faces. Do this by sets of 4, not all at once.

enter image description here

Or, try selecting the hole's perimeter with Alt + Right Click then hitting Space and typing in Grid Fill. Sometimes that works, and sometimes it doesn't.


You could try deleting the bottom faces, then select the edges and press F, that'll create a Ngon, if you want only quads you can bridge edge loop between each edge in the bottom


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