I did up a credits sequence as per the video above, you can see at the start the kinda output....mine is very similar. It has that flickering though that you can kinda see in the video there but a bit worse.

Is there a way to increase my settings to avoid that flickering? Like I'm rendering it out as a matroska h.264 preceptually losssless.

Percent scale is at 100%. Resolution is 1080p. Everything else is set to default. Rendering out as 16 bit png to re-encode with video later. The video I'm combining it with is 22.81fps, so I rendered it with the same fps. Which I understand will make it kinda jagged as the credits roll down. But it doesn't really explain the flickering imo Should I add a motion blur...? Is there like a samples or denoise something I can adjust like in cycles render that'll better the output quality? Should I increase anti aliasing from standard 8? Like I put some pictures in my credits roll and they look fine. It's just the text, which is made into a mesh and sit to shadeless as there is no lamp....that is flickering it seems. I set my camera clipping to 0.1 to 10, as those settings cover my the width of area I need included. I don't know much about rendering in blender, so anything else would help. The guides online didn't mention anything else. I checked howtowiki, the wiki wiki, and the manual.

I did it while working in blender render, but should I try rendering it via cycles? I only really added a shadeless white texture to the text after turning it into a mesh. What cycles render settings equate to blender renders? Like in terms of sampling etc? Or is it not equatable in any way?


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