So I used an image sequence as a video and edited it using masks. However, I want to insead use a movie clip because I will be able to do more things with it. However, when I replaced the image node with the movie clip node, the scale of the video was changed and all of my masks were misplaced. I don't want to go back frame by frame and change each mask, but I also don't want to render the current video (with the image sequence) because I want to be able to edit the masks if I wanted down the road.

With Image Sequence: enter image description here

With Movie Clip: enter image description here

the video seems larger, however I can't zoom out for some reason. Also, the masks seem to be in the right place, but they do not render as such. I didn't move them or anything, they were automatically there when I put in the movie clip. enter image description here

Any ideas?


Nevermind, found a workaround. Just used a scale node on the image.

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