I'm trying to change the X, Y or Z values of all a curve's control points at the same time (while I'm in Edit mode). What I do is to select all the curve vertex points and then on the X, Y or Z fields on the Transform / Median tab I change the value. When I keep selected all the points at the same time the value is correctly changed, but when I select each control point, I see that the old value is still there.

Let's take this post :

How to change location, rotation, scale and dimensions of more objects at the same time?

The user Jan Kadeřábek said to:

  1. Select all the objects
  2. Click the input field while holding Alt
  3. Enter the value

I thought that it could also work in this situation, but it does not. Maybe because it was in Object mode, instead now I'm in Edit mode?


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A common trick to align things is to scale to zero on an axis.

  • Select multiple control points
  • SX0 to align them on the x axis
  • Change the x axis value to the desired value

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