I'm simply trying to UV wrap a sphere to add a texture onto it. However, whenever I press U, rather than prompting which UV settings I want Make single user pops up, which is very frustrating.
I've looked in the user preferences and found nothing. I've been using Blender for a while now but not very much on my current computer, so maybe something's changed. I'm using Cycles (of course) - I would appreciate if someone can tell me what I need to do.

  • $\begingroup$ are you in edit mode? and have you changed the default keymap? $\endgroup$ – Samir Rahamtalla Nov 1 '18 at 18:30

I guess you are in Object mode, switch to Edit mode

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  • $\begingroup$ I would say post very very short solutions such as this one as a comment. $\endgroup$ – Amir Nov 1 '18 at 14:50
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    $\begingroup$ @Amir If an answer is very simple it will sometimes be very short. $\endgroup$ – Ray Mairlot Nov 1 '18 at 14:58

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