I have a sculpted object which was edited manually in edit mode. Since than the symmetry was broken. I want to make the object symmetrical, but since it was a sculpted object it was not idencical geometry on both side because of the dynatopo. There is no an edge loop on the symmetry plane.

enter image description here So I can't select the left or right side properly to delete and use the mirror modifier.

How to make an object like this symmetrical?

To prevent this issue: is there a way to do transforms (transform, rotation, scale) symmetrical in edit mode?


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Of course, in the Tools panel (on the left of the 3D view), in the Dyntopo menu, click on the Symmetrize button, but before that, above this button, make sure you've chosen the right axis. And also remember that the object origin will be the middle of the symmetrize effect.

enter image description here


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