I've installed the DirectX export addon (found here). I'm exporting an object with armature animation but it's not working how I expect it to and the documentation isn't helpful (See this question).

Since the addon is just a Python script, is there a way to set a breakpoint in the code and step through the exporter script like a debugger? I've looked a this similar question but running the Blender interactive Python console, I can't set my export options for the exporter, so it fails when I try to run the 'export' command.

I'm hoping there's something like the following:

  1. Open Blender normally (by double-clicking the Blender shortcut on my desktop)
  2. Enable some sort of Python debugging mode
  3. Open the file I'd like to export.
  4. Click File > Export > DirectX
  5. Choose my export options and filename
  6. Click Export DirectX
  7. Blender brings me into a code window showing the exporter script and it's paused on the first line, waiting for me to step through the code.

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You can do this with Free & Open Source software, using Eclipse and PyDev.

You can see me explaining the steps in my Blender Conference 2016 talk Develop add-ons like a pro.


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